Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Conscious Dying: A Guide to a Healing Transition

Ziri Rideaux, a partner with the FRIENDS Alternative Funeral Home, has published an article Conscious Dying: A Guide to a Healing Transition.

This brief guide outlines the art and wisdom of facing the death of a loved one in a way that supports grieving, healing and letting go - without fear. It covers understanding what happens in the days leading up to a death, how to be with a dying person, the value of dying and grieving at home, the healing power of personalized funerals, and how to care for yourself at this difficult time.


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FRIENDS, an entirely new kind of funeral home, strives to provide custom-made life celebrations that honor the person who has passed. In the best-case scenario, this person has contacted us early enough to discuss their wishes with us directly and plan a personalized funeral. But if life hits with one of its many surprises, your family and friends might have to do their best in figuring out what would have made you happy. And we can make all the arrangements so you won't be burdened with organizational tasks during your time of mourning.
By the time you or your loved one enters hospice, it is a good idea to reach out and find support in the process. This is the time to call on FRIENDS. We come to meet with you as early as you see fit, to mentally help you prepare for the great adventure of death. Without fear, awkwardness or shyness, we accompany you through the process, offering mental, spiritual and practical support. We offer deep knowing and traditional wisdom about the phases of letting go. We discuss the arrangements you wish for your funeral, and document how you intend to be cared for and taken care of as your physical body leaves this world. And we coordinate with your hospice to make things easier.
We can guide you and your family in learning the ancient art of conscious dying. As you go through this amazing process, you and your family will be engulfed in strong feelings of love and gratitude for each other that heals many wounds. This is a precious time of mutual forgiveness and of letting go.
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